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If you are a foodie, you’re more than likely interested in Modern Market most recent information. This fast-casual restaurant chain is currently located in Boulder, Colo. It’s known for its much healthier options, and its latest quarter saw a 25% increase in same-store sales. The company is definitely expanding into mid-sized community markets and is also pursuing expansion in Texas and larger DMAs. If you are an trader, you should continue reading for the newest updates on the company’s foreseeable future.

The company’s successful management platforms latest data indicates the fact that brand searching for to grow beyond the Boulder, Co market. This plans to open two new corporate locations and move its restaurants to a much larger location in the Denver place. The Miami headquarters is expected to start its earliest location in Q1 and plans to incorporate two further corporate sites in The state of colorado. The company’s growth is healthier and it is also focusing on franchising. The expansion will likely add several fresh corporate locations.

The company’s growth continues apace. In its most current quarter, Modern Market saw a 25% increase in same-store sales, as it is becoming known for supplying better-for-you alternatives. Additionally, it is looking to develop into medium sized markets, like the state of Texas. This will suggest opening a lot of new places and making sure its company locations will be spread across the country. The company is now aiming to build up its footprint in various market segments.